Photo work by Alice Ng

About Alice Ng Web Design

Alice Ng Web Design was started as a response to all the people who need a website that does not cost a fortune, but can capture the attention of the browsing public & hold their attention!


We use commonly available, state of the art web design programs that are easy for the client & consumer.  Our knowledge & creativity allow us to improvise & design originality into these reasonably priced formats & templates.  Although these programs are advertised for anyone to use, the actual task of creating a site & ensuring optimum design, requires the talent that we bring to you.  We are also available to help create entirely individualized sites, which of course are in a much higher price bracket.


We are unique in our ability to incorporate super creative & compelling fine art backgrounds as well as client specific photography through our own work, and our collaboration with


Through the entire process, we swiftly & gently push our clients along the road to web connectivity & at the same time draw out the unique interests & needs of our clients.


Give us a call or write us an email & we can give you a price quote quickly after having a brief conversation about your needs!  The time to take your place in a strong way on the web is now!